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Newsjack of the Week: BrewDog's Barnard Castle Eye Test Beer

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

When everyone is talking about something, it can often be a good content marketing strategy for your brand get involved. Politics is a pricklier subject - with attempts to newsjack political elements either coming across badly executed, in poor faith, or alienating every side of the political compass. But, BrewDog have taken a topic that has grasped our attention and tied their brand and products to it with aplomb.

The edgy beer brand launched - very quickly - a limited edition of their beer, which plays into the story that government adviser Dominic Cummings claimed to be visiting Barnard Castle during lockdown to test his eyesight. All proceeds of the product are also going to very good causes, creating more hand sanitiser for our NHS and funding healthcare charities. Two birds, one stone. Nicely played.

The idea reflects their playful personality and gives us a nice piece of satire. These "unprecedented times" have left brands high and dry, with little room for showing personality in their marketing. So, striking while the car engine is still warm from its 30-mile trip to Barnard Castle is a major win for BrewDog - and justice!

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