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Why Does My Business Need a Blog?

"Why does my business need a blog?" is a common question copywriters and digital marketers are used to hearing - and it's a valid one. Most businesses utilise a blog on their website, yet most either don't know exactly why their business is using a blog or don't take advantage of the benefits a blog can bring to a business. So let's break it down.

Does My Business Need a Blog?

In terms of content, all businesses can benefit from blogs. Whether you're a fitness professional attempting to sell your services through a blog that allows you to showcase your knowledge of the limbic system, or whether you're a drill part company that uses the blog to post an infographic solving a common problem - all businesses can benefit from a blog.

Position Yourself as a Font of Knowledge

One key reason for using a business blog is to position yourself as a font of knowledge of a certain subject area. Customers are more likely to trust you if they believe you to be an expert in a field. If they are making a consumer decision between you and a competitor of similar prices and similar products, showing you know the products and industry inside out could be the factor that tips the scales in your favour.

Solve a Problem

Another way a business blog comes in handy is if the blog post solves a common problem. Whether this is a recipe from a restaurant or food distributor, some outfit ideas from a clothes retailer, or some DIY hacks from a drill part manufacturer. By being useful for a potential consumer - or return customer - they are more likely to look favourably towards your mailing list or social media channels, which could be a key way of communicating new messages.

Blogs Can Boost SEO

When you've developed your website, laid out your content, and are just waiting for customer engagement, things can seem slow. Your SEO strategy won't move very far up the search engine pages if you don't have new content to show. That's why blogs can be so useful. You can write a blog that also acts as a way to prioritise keywords and be found by search engines better.

Blogs Can Build Backlinks

Creating a backlink strategy is another factor in getting noticed by search engines and therefore potential customers. Backlinks are links back to your website from other authority sites. While there is some work you can do for the main pages of your website, the best way to build a backlink strategy is through creating shareable content. Blogs that are infographics are perfect for creating shareable content to link back to your page. They also provide something for social media that can lead to greater engagement.

While you may not have time to create blog content, there are plenty of freelance copywriters in Leeds who can do that for you (ahem). Creating a blog for your business could be the difference between customers who are lingering on your page and those who are choosing to go with a competitor.

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