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Here's Why Writing is the Most Valuable Tool for Your Business

When I started my career as a freelance copywriter, I just kind of assumed everyone had the same grasp on how to write as I did. I assumed that I was offering a service that many others were, or could, and that I just happened to settle upon it as what I chose to do. And then I started reading bad copy.

Some people are skilled in design, and can formulate a functional and aesthetic website from thin air (or thin ether?). Some people could give Picasso a run for his money with their graphic design skills. Others have the organisational capabilities of the NASA Space Programme. But not everyone can write well. And unlike the other skills, that are often lauded, writing is often taken as a given for those who can do it, or unnecessary for those who can't. And writing is the most valuable tool for your business.

Bad copy is difficult to define. You may know it when you see it - but it takes a freelance copywriter with editing skills to be able to fix up some truly terrible uses of the English lexicon. Copy is often taken as a given, as long as a snazzy image is alongside it. And granted, a lot of the time the copy is left unread or merely just skimmed over. But copy is what helps form the skeleton of the business. Strong copy is a skill that often goes underrated and undervalued. But, without good copy, your brand will fail.

I may be biased here as a freelance copywriter - being James Cullen THE WRITER and all (and not James Cullen the Cable Guy). Leading business brains will be the first to attest to the need for the words the brand churns out to work manifold to achieve every possible objective. Words and copy are important - make sure you make the right choice for your brand or business.

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