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What can James Cullen the Writer, freelance copywriter and marketing professional, do for me?
Freelance copywriter in Leeds writing the old fashioned way with a pen and notebook
Freelance copywriter in Leeds posing for PR campaign

Consumers are savvy - the days of churning out whitepapers and producing mediocre content marketing that could be applied to any business under the sun (and beyond it) are over. To really stand out, to push the envelope and shatter the glass ceiling, you need to go the extra mile. That's where James Cullen the Writer, freelance copywriter, comes in... 

Every company, every brand, and every product is different, and every attitude towards content marketing should revel in that differentiation. As your freelance copywriter I can work with the key attributes that make you stand out to craft dynamic content that matches your uniqueness.  

Ode to a Freelance Copywriter

Every once in a generation comes a pioneer in content creation;

 A literary maverick delicately skilled in the art of gently coaxing ordinary words into extraordinary formations; 

A lexical Lothario dedicated to invigorating passion and wit into every project; 

 A creative Casanova able to tap into the very heart of the perfect content marketing solution.


  • Freelance copywriter

  • Blogger Outreach

  • Social Media Management 

  • Whitepaper Design 

  • Marketing Campaign Design 

  • Marketing Strategy Analysis 

  • Ghostwriting

  • Editing/Proofreading

  • PR Strategy 

  • PR Copy

  • Even making a round of tea while we discuss how I can help your business grow 

Get in touch so we can see how together we can not only be content with your content, but we can be down right ecstatic!

"A day without hiring James Cullen the Writer, Leeds copywriter, to fulfill my creative content marketing needs, is a day wasted." - Charlie Chaplin & James Cullen the Writer 

james cullen the writer leeds freelance copywriter
  • Save time and money with an efficient expert copywriter 

  • Sharpen up your copy to increase customer engagement

  • Focus on selling, while a copywriter focuses on spelling

  • Command social media strategy to drive sales

  • Invigorate your current content with fresh, dynamic ideas

  • Build your brand with variety that stays on message

Scroll on to discover how I can help enhance your business and increase sales...

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