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 Leeds Copywriter | Commissions

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James Cullen the writer leeds freelance copywriter


James Cullen the Writer leeds freelance copywriter

I offer affordable copywriting services from blogs to web content, brochures to whitepapers, tweets to Facebook posts, emails to thank you cards. 

Whether you need striking copy to boost sales, encourage visitors, or explain the unexplainable, every word is tailored to your brand, your clients, and your objectives.

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I can conjure content on just about any topic, taking time to research and ensure each piece is top-drawer quality. I accept commissions and have written published articles.

I have experience in social media - from strategically planning campaigns, crafting content, analyzing results, and managing the process.

Explore more about the kind of content I create with the James Cullen the Writer 2020 Writing Services PDF and see some examples. 


"Ask not what you can do for your business, ask what Leeds copywriter, James Cullen the Writer, can do for your business." - JFK & James Cullen the Writer

  • Metrics-driven customer engagement to get you real results

  • Track record of conversions to smash your sales targets

  • Flexible and competitive prices for true value for money

  • Professional manner 

  • Abundance of imaginative ideas to keep your brand fresh

  • I will  dot the i's, cross the t's, and insert the Oxford commas to make your website copy sparkle, your email marketing campaigns flourish, and your social media strategy make you money


  • Experience - 4+ years' experience as a freelance copywriter in Leeds, sharpening social media and blowing up brands with creative copy so you're in reliable hands. 

  • Expertise - I graduated as a Master of Marketing (Distinction) in 2016 so have knowledge of the very best practices in marketing and as a freelance copywriter.

  • Enthusiasm - I adore words, their structure & how they can turn the most mundane into the most beautiful so each task - big or small - will be treated delicately and with passion. 

  • Evocative - I'm a storyteller and would love to tell your brand's story through copy. 

  • Evaluation - I specialise in social media strategy and management as well as blogger outreach, so can transform your entire content strategy into a well-oiled machine. 

"“The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time”. Thomas Jefferson " - James Cullen the Writer, Leeds copywriter 

TIME Magazine's Person of the Year, 2006



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James Cullen the Writer - freelance copywriter in Leeds